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Big Night Coming!
by Janne Jalava
13-11-2008 15:05
Our next game is big game for jay falls, me, I, myself, so called almost best player in Arctos, because the next goal or assist give jay falls, me, I, myself a thousand points to my, mine, jay falls' total record and so there are then two players who have managed to get 1000 pts in EASHL in Arctos. Atomi, Matias Tenhunen, is in the way of getting those points to break the limit of 1000 pts, too. Then there are three players in Arctos who have managed to get one thousand points in EASHL. Markus is a very inactive player motherfucker.

Thanks for everybody who has visited our website, excspselsially KENU FHR motherfucker lamer ass shit wnb.
23-11-2008 01:47
En tiedä pitäisikö olla otettu vai loukkaantunut.
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