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Seriously WTF?
by Janne Jalava
03-11-2008 01:40
WTF Happens to matches that we won. FUCKING NHL09. This fucking game has bugged couple our win games. WTF? they don't update to our total record and wtf dude's? seriously. is there some fucking stupid way to bug those fucking games so you guys don't get loss? WTF. c'mon guys. have some fucking respect for other players. That is so fucking lame to bug those fucking stupid games. This fucking games is so fucking messed up. I fucking hate the makers of this fucking game. How the hell they have left so many bugs and other fucking annoying things to this fucking game. this isn't their first game, so they should have some fucking game programming skills, BUT NO. Those motherfuckers can't probably even make their own fucking sandwich. motherfuckers.
06-11-2008 23:39
07-11-2008 01:57
Melkoista angstailua. :D

Mutta joo, noin on käynyt meillekin. Voittoja ei merkkautunut, mutta heti kun hävittiin niin tietysti merkittiin.
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