vs. VJ 3 - 0
vs. vv 3 - 0
vs. GHM 5 - 3
vs. GRS 3 - 2
vs. TFS 1 - 5
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GamereactorSE 3 OT
Turku Arctos 2

how the fucking hell they have so motherfucking much luck in this fucking game. I fucking hate those shitty swedish players who fucking scores in every fucking time some fucking wierd way. go fucking hang yourselfs fuckers.

added by Janne Jalava

homo ruotsalainen
16-11-2008 00:40
joo me ruotsalaiset ollaa semmosii et jos toinen joukkue johtaa 2-0 nii tehdää vitun ihmeellisii maalei ja sit voitetaanki 3-2
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