vs. VJ 3 - 0
vs. vv 3 - 0
vs. GHM 5 - 3
vs. GRS 3 - 2
vs. TFS 1 - 5
Turku Arctos has played over 300 before
they started to add matches to the site.

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Northern Stars 4 OT
Turku Arctos 3

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added by Janne Jalava

26-11-2008 23:21
Turns out this was another top ranked team which scores 90% of their goals with different variations of what I call lame goals. Coming from the goaltenders side so he jumps the fuck down and coming within 1meter from the goal and scoring a slapshot when the goalie stupidly leaves the front corner open etc.
26-11-2008 23:21
Not that it isnt ok to score like that occasionally but to seek that goal all the time is really assholey
26-11-2008 23:24
But what can you do when you're playing swedes.
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