vs. VJ 3 - 0
vs. vv 3 - 0
vs. GHM 5 - 3
vs. GRS 3 - 2
vs. TFS 1 - 5
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Turku Arctos 6 SO

their fucking CPU player scored all of their goals and they got one fucking ridiculous goal because our goalie bugged fucking badly. and all of their goals were fucking stupid lucky goals. In the shoot-out they were fucking noobs and got one fucking ridiculous goal but we owned their asses.

added by Janne Jalava

wayne gretzky
01-11-2008 03:58
right on kiddo
I'm Shocked
01-11-2008 04:07
Seriously WTF!?!?!
This was one of the most ridiculous and unfair games I've ever played on this game!
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01-03-2021 03:12

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