vs. VJ 3 - 0
vs. vv 3 - 0
vs. GHM 5 - 3
vs. GRS 3 - 2
vs. TFS 1 - 5
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Turku Arctos 8
Bong Token Alcohol 1

oh god. fucking lucky gamers. They should be banned from this league because they have too fucking big load of luck. they fucking scored a fucking stupid goal. motherfuckers. but as usually, we owned their fucking shitty pants. AND REMEMBER THIS FUCKING TEAM: they laughed like "oh they got right defense man, what a loser. I feel sorry for him". And then they got fucking owned by us. motherfuckers. noob lamers. you should try practise mode... or maybe that is too hard for you guys. go home and grow up you ugly fucking bastards who were owned by us.

added by Janne Jalava

jay falls
07-11-2008 05:05
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