vs. VJ 3 - 0
vs. vv 3 - 0
vs. GHM 5 - 3
vs. GRS 3 - 2
vs. TFS 1 - 5
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Turku Arctos 2
FHR Punakone 3 OT

they didn't have that fucking human goalie and that was the only positive thing in this game.
but i have to admit that FHR has been the toughest motherfucker who we have played against so far.

added by Janne Jalava

13-11-2008 01:03
13-11-2008 01:04
Kiitti matsista, pirun tiukkaa oli!

En oikeen tykkää tuosta patchista kun lyödään aina tyhjistä tolppaan. :)
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